Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Rid of Claire!

I know, you've seen me post this all over the internet. You got an email about it. Or you've never heard of it. No matter what, here is your chance to help Claire go to Australia even sooner than you ever hoped! Want a great place to stay in Queensland? Come crash on my couch! Hate me and want me gone? Send me halfway across the world! Love me and want to make me happy? This would totally make me happy.

Here's the deal: I applied for this job, which comes with a need for viewer voting, apparently. It's sponsored by Tourism Queensland and is pretty awesome; you can apply for it too. Here's what you have to do. Go to this website:

and if you want, watch the video. That's not the important part, although it is pretty funny, because I am a goofball. And an international superspy. The most important part is for you to give me a high rating (or any kind of rating, at least). See where it says "Rate" at the bottom with blank stars under it? Click on 5 stars (or 4...hopefully not 3). Then you're done. Voila! It took you three seconds to make me a very very happy Claire.

So you'll get tired of hearing me talk about this, because the voting ends on March 2. Also, I will exhort you in many locations to beg your parents and friends and people who don't know me to vote for me as well. Tell your work chums. Tell your badminton partner. If you're on there, I'll vote for you too! Heck, write a program that allows us to swing the system and log thousands of votes, and I'll use it! :) Nah, probably not.

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simply.regal said...

Liked your video, most of the ones I've seen are pretty boring. I'll have to come back to your blog. Check out mine too!