Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad to the bone!

I was talking to Justin on the phone the other day; we talk pretty much every day (or every other day, given both of our schedules -- I'm in bed by 10:30 EST most nights, and he's perpetually working).  He just did a shoot in Joshua Tree with a stylist, make-up artists, two assistants, a set dresser, and, obviously, a model.

"Does yogurt go bad?" he asked me.

"Is that from when I bought it when I was there?" I exclaimed, horrified.  Seeing as I was last in his house in November, that would be sentient yogurt, ready to engulf Planet Earth with its yogurt-y ways.

"No, it's from the shoot," he said.

"Sure, it goes bad," I said.  "I mean, it's a milk product that has to be refrigerated.  Even though it's already technically fermented, it's possible for it to go even more bad."  I added, "By which I mean, it wears black leather jumpsuits and grows a moustache."

A second of silence.  "You mean it joins the A-Team?" he asked, slightly puzzled.

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Anonymous said...

"I pity da fool!"