Friday, January 30, 2009

All you need is love

I was walking from the gym to pick up some actual pictures from actual film that I found stashed away in one of the boxes I have stored in my mother's spare room, when I accidentally walked through a re-creation of the Beatles' famous 1969 rooftop concert.  

Some dudes with long shaggy hair were parked on the roof of an Arby's in downtown London, and the street was jam-packed with people in winter coats, staring upwards and cheering as they sang, "Nobody loves me like she do..."  Sometimes I wish I could time travel and go back to 1969 and sit down with Lennon and McCartney and, and I have to point out that I say this as someone who pathologically loves the Beatles, tell them that, in case they hadn't noticed, they're not black.  "Nobody loves me like she do"?  I mean, really.

So they played the exact playlist of the concert back in 1969, which means they played "Get Back" three times, and "Don't Let Me Down" twice among other things -- as I wended my way through the crowd, I heard someone say, "Did they really play that three times?" -- and I'm assuming they did this because we're in London and it's January 30.  It's just the wrong London.  I hope the real London is warmer than this.  It was -9 today without windchill, and that's about 12 degrees Fahrenheit, y'all Americans.  I felt really bad for those musicians.

When I retrieved my actual film pictures, I found 3 pictures of me in Guatemala, 3 of my going-away party in Pittsburgh in March, and 28 pictures of someone I've never met's backyard barbecue.  To Whoever That Was: your children are very attractive, but how did all your pictures get on to my disposable camera?

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