Friday, December 5, 2008

Exciting new worlds

When I first started working, right out of high school, I had a job at a talent agency that eventually went under because the owner was batshit crazy. Immediately thereafter, I applied at a temp agency right down the street from my house, and they got me a job with Sterling Marking Company as a data entry person. I showed up at my job every day, on time, for about a month, and then Sterling liked me so much they hired me on as full-time bilingual customer service. I told them I'd be leaving for Europe in March. They said fine. When I got back from Europe, they asked me if I would work for them again for a few months. So I did. They really liked me there.

So I had good luck with this temp agency. On a whim, I re-entered myself in their database, hoping to find some seasonal/temp work. And they just found me some!

I start this Tuesday, doing customer service/data entry for Goodlife Fitness coroprate offices here in London, ON. I'll let you know how it goes.

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