Sunday, November 2, 2008

That's so LA!

We went to Target the other day.  It was raining.  That is not very LA at all, exceot that nobody here knows how to drive in the rain, and also they think it's pouring when it is, at most, a light drizzle.  There were flash flood warnings, and I was thinking, Unless the gutters are overflowing in sheets, it's not pouring.  I have a picture of me and S that J took many years ago, standing in the rain gutter of the street outside our house, knee deep in rain runoff, the car up to the wheelwells.  We were grinning, but that was a lot of rain.

We parked next to a cool old BMW, painted orange and in great shape; we were driving Justin's 60s Fiat, a little bubble of a car.  We left a note on the windshield of the car saying we liked it; they left one on ours saying they liked ours too.  It was pretty cool.

So, in Target, I happened to walk past the girl's clothing section.  And saw these two t-shirts, right next to each other:

These are for tweens.  

The one reminds me of a hilarious British novel I borrowed from Morley about an American Idol-style TV show, and contestants trying out for it; the book points out that the audition song most of the contestants use is "The Greatest Love of All," which is about love for oneself.  Not that loving yourself isn't great and all, but what about love for others?  The poor?  The huddled masses?  The state, your country, your job, even your mom?  No?

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