Monday, September 22, 2008

But no burro!

Today, so far, I have traveled by car, ferry, taxi, and airplane.  And there's still one more airplane to go.  That leaves rickshaw, funicular, bus, train, tuk-tuk, Mitsubishi minivan crowded with third world indigenies, canoe, kayak, and probably a plethora of other modes of transport which I have not yet engaged in.  But I think four in one day is pretty stellar.

I'm back in the States for a bit.  I can say no more by blog ("I can say no more!" "Please, say no more.") but rest assured: I am fine.  My mom is fine.  It's all good.  And Phoenix is HOT.  Why is Phoenix so hot?  Why is Phoenix always a million times hotter than anywhere else?  I remember seeing the Canadian version of USA Today, and you know how they have those little weather maps with the temperature over parts of the country, and also, in case you're criminally stupid, the color?  And it gets red for hot and blue for cold?

Well, the rest of the country all had temperatures like 24, 32, 25 (this was in Celsius) and they were all middling oranges and yellows, with some blues over by the Maritimes.  Phoenix was bright red.  Know what the number was?  43.  43 degrees!  For Americans, that's like 112!  And this was in May or something!

Phoenix is broken.

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MaggieMayDay said...

We were in Phoenix in July, in a truckstop. It was at least 115 on the pavement. The truck had AC, but Arizona has a no idle law, so you couldn't stay in the truck and keep cool. In the truckstop itself, there was one tiny No Smoking section, and it was in the crowded restaurant. The truckers' lounge was a wall of smoke.

It sucked.

Have you ridden in a semi yet? Cable car? Jeepney? Streetcar? Hovercraft? Snowmobile? Cruise ship? Camel? Carriage? Hay wagon?