Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today we went to the Loveland Sculpture Festival.
This is apparently a huge deal (who knew?) and there were artists from all over the West and Southwest representing themselves in a medley of brass, glass, bronze, stone, wood, and probably spittle.  There were at least four tents worth of the juried exhibition and 8 tents in the unjuried.
I like art.  I like sculpture.  I was totally exhausted by the end of it and that was with a stop to fortify myself with nachos and strawberry lemonade.
Then we went to see "Wall-E," which was so cute and adorable and amazing.  Everyone should go see it.  It has a great positive environmental message, and a very adorable love story; plus the whole first half of the movie has almost no dialogue in it at all.  And there are lots of little in-jokes for adults (e.g. the name of the enormous space cruiser is the "Axiom") that are just as good as the ones for kids.  It is touching and cute and the final credit song is written by Peter Gabriel.  Also, the final credits sum up what happens after the movie is over, which I thought was great, since the part I always want to know is "What happened next?"
Before Wall-E, we stopped at Eric and Simone's house to surprise their goat nonchalantly wandering in their front yard; just as I said, "Are you supposed to be out here?" he hopped the fence into the pen he was supposed to be in.  Very subtle.  Then we went to Sephora and were very girly.  I got a wonderful phone call from Jason -- which was cheering -- and one from my mom, which was also cheering.  Everybody wanted to talk to me right before I went into the movie though, so I had to cut 'em off.
We also saw this chair.  Tied down with numerous straps and heavily anchored to the enormous trailer behind a truck full of college students, who turned around and busted out laughing when they saw us taking a picture.  We waved.  They waved back.

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Eric said...

Sorry we missed you all -- that evening was my mother's annual "cajun boil" shindig, so we were up there until 9-ish or so.

Einstein (undoubtedly the goat in question) is about as subtle as he is smart. Subtle as a chainsaw, only slightly smarter than the fence itself. He and two of the other goats can jump that old fence at will. We'll replace it eventually to bring it up to the standard of the one by the pond.

Aspen actually does a fairly good job of herding him back over the fence, but she's usually contained when we're not there.