Monday, June 21, 2010

Long overdue

I know, I haven't written in this damn thing for WAY too long? Do you know why? Because I am entertaining myself in the real world instead of sitting indoors with a computer; or, more accurately, I am sitting indoors with a computer, moaning and gnashing my teeth because the internet is SO SLOW IT FEELS LIKE IT IS COMING BY ROMAN AQUEDUCT FROM ROME because they have bandwidth limits, so we only get 8GB of data transfer per month on our home system. That is not very much. I probably use 8GB a DAY in the States. So it gets really slow in the daytime, but it's okay, because at least if I want to get up at 2am, it will speed up again.

On the other hand, I have a new job, which frequently has shifts that end in the middle of the night, so maybe I will be using the internet in offpeak hours and it will seem fast again. But for now, it mostly just makes me feel like crying because it is so bloody slow.

That said, let me show you some pictures of the trip Ray and I took to Mandurah. We didn't do much there except eat delicious ice cream (I had apple pie, he had honeycomb and nougat...then the other day at my friend Nancy's house we had burnt fig, honeycomb, and caramel ice cream with cinnamon whipped cream that she whipped herself and my mouth exploded) and ogle the beautiful war memorial. And took these very bad pictures.

egg-O-mania Omeleteers...sounds much better than Mousketeers.

I just thought this passageway was neat-looking.

The war memorial was the best one I've ever seen. Really thoughtfully designed and beautiful.


Sharp11Girl said...

Booo to slow internet!

John said...

Ever going to update this thing again