Thursday, March 11, 2010

Art is cool.

I went to Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach. This is a sculpture festival where they plop down artwork by the side of the Indian Ocean and you can look at it or touch it or totally ignore it while you are sunbathing or perving on other sunbathers.

There is some cool art.

This is the seawall, and they put this huge rusted metal archway at the end of it. The lamp-post was already there.

The sign at the other end says "Please do not walk through sculpture."

Neat standing mirror tower

The swimmer was made out of layers of wood glued to sheets of glass all stacked together. The artist is there on the left, repairing a crack in the glass from a night-time bashing.

Creepy. I asked Jason, who took the picture, why he thought the man was screaming, and he said, "Because he's got another person coming out of him."

Steampunk horse. It had little swinging doors, and a ladder into its interior.

I want to know what they're looking at. Steampunk bathers.

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Karen said...

Oog, 38 degrees! I'm so glad you went to see this. It feels a little Burning-Manesque. There are Burners around, there in Perth, right? Anyhow, cool indeed.