Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photos from Australia

My friend Ken and I went to Preston Beach, with Tippy, for a dog-related adventure. Preston Beach is a short distance down the coast from Perth, which, as you might have noticed, is on the Indian Ocean. This is a cool ocean to be on, although it is very full of sharks, apparently, not that I've seen one. Today on Cottesloe Beach, for example, I saw a school of herring just jumping out of the water, which means there were probably dolphins around...and then the other day in Fremantle, I saw an absolutely gorgeous sunset, but no sharks.

Tippy's shadow is much more terrifying than Tippy herself, who frequently immobilizes enemies by sitting on their feet and licking them.

There are kangaroos in Preston Beach.

Quite a lot of them, actually.

I love the way the rills in the sand show the footprints.

Actually, Australia is awful. You shouldn't come here. Definitely not WA. Sydney is nice. Go over there.


Karen said...

So lovely. Thanks for sharing, Miss Claire. "Bold-faced lies," hmmm?

Sharp11Girl said...

Your friend is attractive. Bring him to me.