Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some pictures to fill in the gaps

This tree lit with lanterns is in the main park in Ubon. I love it.

I like entropy, things that are fading or being weathered. This is from Pakse, and I don't know where it was pointing to.

More interesting decay. Also from Pakse; Laos used to be occupied by the French, so you have these odd colonial facades all over the place.

Whew, I was afraid this was the SMOKING Wat Luang.

I love this door/window combo. More entropy. Sorry, I really like it.

It's a good point.

Monks with umbrellas in Pakse. In Buddhism, every man is encouraged to become a monk to bring merit to his family -- he can be a monk for as short a time as a week, even. I think this is why people don't appear as overly solicitous towards their "clergy" here; if that holy guy is your cousin Larry, it's hard to be all, "Your worshipfulness!"

Sunset from the railroad bridge in Don Khon, Si Phan Don. I guess it's kind of okay, if you like things that are GREAT.

View from my hammock on Don Khon. See that black speck mid-photo? The next shot is an enlargement, if you will.

Kids tubing in Don Khon. They floated down the river shrieking and tumbling off and having a great time, just at dusk.


John said...

Beautiful, Claire.

Karen said...

Claire, how gorgeous. Thanks for posting these, "moths and rust" (which I also really, really like), views from the hammock, light tree, everything.