Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm back in Pakse, having paid almost twice what I had to (about $17 more) to get from Pakse to Bangkok via Ubon tomorrow. I could have saved all the money and bought the tickets myself, but I don't know what the train availability from Ubon to Bangkok is, and I arrive in Ubon with only an hour between them, so...

I paid for comfort and peace of mind, but then instead I'm beating myself up for not being more thrifty. It's only $17, but I'm castigating myself for having spent it. That's a full freaking day of traveling in Laos, I tell myself.

So much for peace of mind.

Somebody slap me and tell me that $17 isn't that much, and I'm not a bad traveler for paying it.


Ray Lee said...

You have any idea how much of the world would kill to be able to achieve peace of mind that cheaply? Goofball. Anyway, you're not a bad traveler for paying it, you're just doing risk management. It happens. Think of it as a kind of travel insurance.

I'll paypal you the $17 if that'll quiet your mental chaos, but you have to promise me you won't spend it on elective surgery.

Excuse me now, I need to go look at plane tickets to go to Hawaii and Manila for a few weeks in February.

Karen said...

Ir really is OK to pay somebody else to do something once in a while. Instead of spending your time as a currency to purchase, basically, uncertainty, you spent money for security. Seems like a pretty good choice. No beating up of self necessary.
Yer Mom

Sharp11Girl said...

$17?? I will try to forgive you. Try. ;)