Monday, November 9, 2009


These days are mostly completely occupied with packing.

I'm packing a bunch of my stuff that was still in Pittsburgh up to my mom's house in Canada, using a rental PT Cruiser that they gave me instead of an "economy" size. My mother pointed out, "Does anyone ever get the size car they reserved?"

I am researching freight forwarding so I can figure out how to get my crap to Australia. I also have to investigate how much crap I want to bring to Australia and whether or not I feel like just taking a backpack's worth of stuff and then buying everything else when I get there. So far, freight forwarding one bag of luggage (as opposed to multiple pallets of shrink wrapped cheap dolls that were made in Hong Kong by limbless children, eg) would run me about $450 door to door. USPS Ground is $327.

I could also take bags with me on the plane to Bangkok, leave them in left luggage for two weeks and then haul them with me to Perth. It costs 100BH a day to store them in the Suvarnabhumi Airport (which is approximately $3 at the current exchange rate), although I can't, according to Korean airlines, have bags that exceed 62" in total diameter (L+W+H) or 70 lbs each, which is somewhat limiting in terms of stuff.

However...what stuff do I really need? I was thinking it would be nice to have a fair amount of my clothes, and maybe some books and artwork and stuff, but I'm prepared to keep all that in storage if my other option is to pay hundreds of dollars for some twee shipping company to provide "valet service" for my one goddamned bag.

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