Monday, August 31, 2009

Two things

Two things:

1. I'm a featured writer in the USAirways inflight magazine for the month of September. I'm in the front, in a section called "The Gist", and I'm apparently considered an expert on Cyberculture. They found me because I wrote a Vagablogging article about Twitter and how people seem to assume it's factual without checking sources, and how that might be a bad thing. The article started a debate over on Vagablogging, although I don't know if you can call it a debate if there's only two people and they're arguing back and forth. But anyway, the article's in there, and so's my name! In the table of contents!

2. I'm trying this new thing. Which is that, as some of you may know, I write a lot. I've written probably about eight novels, and articles, and poetry, and even won some awards. But unfortunately, my literary agent has come to a standstill (along with the publishing industry) on my represented novel, and I wrote another one a while ago that I actually love and I can't really shop it around anywhere until we figure out something to do with the first one.

So I thought about what John Scalzi did, and decided that if you like this one chapter, you can have the rest of them, if you tell me you want them. So here's the first chapter of the novel I quite like, which is a sort of urban fantasy novel about a woman who finds out some interesting facts about her family background and it sort of wanders around on the East Coast of Canada and has some interesting facts about mythology and sexy people and shouting and witchcraft and weird alternative universes. It's called The Waves Above. Tentative working title. If you like it, tell other people and see if they like it too. I'd love feedback, too. But only if you like it.

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Link to the chapter is broken.