Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clear Lake

This is me driving a boat.

I'm at Clear Lake, as I pointed out before. It is full of ridiculously attractive people, unfortunately, and all of them are in our cabin. I didn't have space in this post for a picture of Britni or Jenny, so they will be in a shortly following post. But these are who I have been spending my days with, although there are no pictures of Justin's betrothed, Sadie McWaggle, at least until we get the photobooth pictures.

This is Adam. He has numerous facial expressions, but tends to lean heavily on "sardonic."

Boris has very deep dimples. This is what he looks like when he's happy. Boris took me out on the WaveBlaster yesterday and we were actually approximately four feet above the water on several occasions. He went wakeboarding yesterday too, and is now wandering around like an old lady; he just sat down next to me moaning "Ow...why does it hurting?"

This is what he looks like after half a bottle of Jagermeister while I wax his back. Still pretty happy.

And then, of course, the master of it all:

Miami Vice.

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