Friday, June 19, 2009

The sort of thing we do out here

The party I was at on Monday was the premiere party for a TV show my friend SuperKate is involved with. In no particular order, there were: a bouncy pirate ship, a guy on stilts, a fire eater/sword swallower, completely naked girls painted to look like they had tiny outfits on serving food, midgets painted exactly the same way doing the same thing, a Mexican guy with a monkey that was wearing a little mariachi outfit, a balloon twister who was making dirty balloons like strippers on poles and penises, a magician, a bellydancer (that we knew, naturally) with three snakes, a rollerskating chicken, karaoke, a roller rink, hot chicks giving out vodka, hot guys giving out water, blinky bracelets, and probably some famous people. There was also a head-on collision directly out front with fire trucks, police cars, and staggering people, which was PROBABLY not due to the party. I hope.

Also, this is very important: Justin Winokur's new album, "Leaving" is out on iTunes and CDBaby, for digital download only. It is good. Very very good. It sounds sort of like what would happen if you let Brian Wilson and Elliott Smith have a summertime pool party with a bunch of kindergarteners, as directed by Baz Luhrmann. It's poppy and rocky and zippy and sad and happy and introspective. He asked a bunch of his friends and family what songs they would want played at their funerals, and then wrote his own music based on the answers he got. It also has one of my favorite versions of "Don't Fence Me In" that I've ever heard, and the title song of the album, which he wrote for his friend Adam's mother, is so soft and sad and sweet that it always makes me tear up a little.

It's only ten bucks. If you like good music, and I'm sure that you do, please go buy it.

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