Monday, May 4, 2009

More soliciting

Friends and Family,

I recently applied for a "
Roads Scholarship" to travel North America this summer and share the highlights on Digital Vagabonding. I'd like your help to win this scholarship.

The winner will be chosen in May and favorable comments posted to my 
proposal will help me win. Please view my scholarship proposal and comment on why you think I have the "right stuff" for traveling North America and creating a compelling travelogue.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. If I win I'll make it a journey you'll want to follow online this summer.
PS This is a very stilted way of asking you to go vote for me again.  Yes, it's like the Australia thing, which no, I didn't get.  Tell your friends about this one too!  Why do you think I'd be great?  Maybe you don't think I would be great.  In which case...shhhhh.....

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