Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All over the place

The retaining walls at Griffith Park have leaf impressions in them.

Well, lessee...since the last time I wrote, I've managed to be about as insanely busy as one could be.  I saw Avenue Q in the Orange County Performing Arts Center, which was disconcerting, since I saw it for the first time on Broadway.  I went for a long walk in Griffith Park with not only one friend, but two.  I have two friends in Los Angeles!

And most importantly, a week ago, I flew to San Francisco to take the Mira Betz intensive master class, a performance-based self-exploration of wonderment that mostly left me feeling not quite so terrible about the future of bellydancing, and also had me remembering how much I really like acting exercises.

It's possible there could be an uglier knick-knack, but I doubt it.  This is from the yard sale that I helped price at the counseling center where I volunteer.

I've been wandering the streets of the Mission, taking BART to Oakland, and basking in the totally broken, un-San-Francisco-like 92 degree weather for the past week, and tomorrow I fly out to Pittsburgh for a Rotary orientation, without which I would not receive my scholarship funds for Australia.  I am very excited about it, actually, although I am naturally more excited about visiting the friends I left in Pittsburgh. 

I miss my friends.  I miss them a lot.  I find myself missing them but not wanting to intrude on their lives, which are busy and moving on past me, as I chose to step outside their parameters.  So I miss lunch and breakfast and dinner and dance practice and random trips to stores that are familiar.
Where to go if you aren't sure you want booze.

And then I prepare for my grandfather's 90th birthday and reflect that you might have a lot of years of missing left.

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