Monday, March 2, 2009

No phone, no pool, not pets...just baths

Turns out, the Sutro Baths, on the coast in San Francisco...are actually kind of okay. If you like that sort of thing. And by "that sort of thing", I mean, "pounding surf," "dilapidated old buildings," "gorgeous rocky cliff faces," and "Japanese tourists." Fortunately I like all of those things times 9000, and I also really like peeing in the dripping, dark, salty-smelling rocky walkway underneath the cliff face because I just couldn't hold it anymore. It's the being homeless that does it to you. Soon, you just HAVE to pee outside.

Next is peeing on yourself. Or someone else. And then developing a hobo name, learning hand signals, and believing Chicago actually exists.

I like spiderwebs.

I stood there with my finger on the shutter button for ages trying to get the right "spray" picture, and then, naturally, as soon as I took a halfway decent one and didn't have time to focus again, the most spectacular wave hit, foaming and spraying everywhere.  This is not a picture of that wave.

Dilapidation and decay.  Also, your mom.

Always good to know where you can find one.

So many tire tracks!

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erin said...

I hope you went in to the Giant Camera building - it's the Camera Obscura and it's awesome. (Assuming they haven't moved it or something.)