Monday, January 12, 2009

Kissing the sunset pig

This is a map of California I drew for my mom. She asked me where Santa Monica was in relationship to the rest of LA, because she wasn't quite understanding what I meant when I said that the 405 is always jammed because it's the only highway from Santa Monica into the city.

On this map, can you identify:
1) Mexico
2) San Diego, land of beautiful white houses
3) the ocean
4) Joshua Tree national park
5) where cowboys are
6) where Burning Man is
7) Highway 1 (hint: look for the twists and turns!)
8) San Luis Obispo, the blandest and most pleasant town in California
9) Hearst Castle
10) Fresno, the Sarnia of California. My mom took a sign language class ages ago, and the sign for Sarnia was the same as the sign for "armpit". Ditto Fresno, at least in demeanour. The people there are awesome.
11) the misguided circle where I almost drew Fresno
12) San Francisco, conveniently represented by three items (not to spoil it, but they represent, individually, a rainbow triangle, Fleet Week, and man-on-man love)

Not on this map: the last place James Dean bought gas before he died, Death Valley, the barbed wire down near Tijuana, giant redwoods, or clowns. The big amorphous line and the smaller scribbles within it are, respectively, the outskirts of LA and neighborhoods within LA.

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