Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another day in California

After getting probably the best haircut I've ever had (all geometric and multicolored, after six boring, starving hours sitting in various chairs having people come at me with things that burned, stung, or were sharp and pointy...including their wit), Justin and I piled into the car to drive to San Jose.  His Nana is in the hospital, dying.  His grandfather is also in the hospital.  So we wanted to visit them.

We snuck into the hospital through the emergency room, using the principle of Look like you know where you're going, don't make eye contact, don't stop.  On the bright side, we almost gave his grandmother a heart attack.  On the other bright side, I got to see his grandfather's balls again.  The next day, I left him with his family in San Jose, where he was going to get picked up by a friend for road tripping and drove to San Francisco.

I realized while driving past the Stanford linear accelerator and singing at the top of my lungs that my Beatles oeuvre on my iPod is sorely lacking.  This is something to remedy before I start driving for 38 hours on Sunday.  By the way, anyone who wants to call and entertain me: hooray!

Highlights of trip to San Fran so far: meeting Chris' friend Rob for sandwiches and delicious conversation in the Haight and then hiking up Cole to the tiny hill overlooking that circus weirdness and looking out across the city while talking of earthquakes and satirism and more.  Walking through the Presidio with Reed, finding dogs, and then ultimately, Andy Goldsworthy's Spire, which had just been finished the day we saw it.  I went to West Oakland to see Shadowdance and got to cheer on SuperKate and surprise the heck out of Jeremiah and Rachel, who were definitely not expecting to see me.  Immediately thereafter, I walked up 16th to Albion in time to see a crowd of people I know, and then a whole group of mimes spilled onto the street.  And were immediately attacked by clowns.  Who were fended off by the invisible wall, I might point out.  I've rarely seen something quite so amusing.  I'll look for video on youtube; I guarantee someone will put it up.  Yeah, I knew it was happening; it wasn't unexpected.  But that would have been hilarious.

Now: dim sum.  Then later, Morley's party.  I'm dancing.  The weather couldn't be more gorgeous.  

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