Monday, September 29, 2008

Back in BC

I am back in BC, after my mysterious jaunt down to the States, which mostly allowed me to completely forget about my Vagabonding post that was due today.  About three hours ago.  Fortunately, I wrote it and posted it immediately.  So now I have to write a bunch more and save them to automatically post every Monday.  Also, I've been neglecting this blog.  Screw you all.

This trip down to the States was the most uneventful trip I have ever had.  I had to hold up a pathetic little sign at the border that says "My window doesn't go down.  Can I open my door?"  The border guards have laughed at me each time, so far.  But they understand my ghetto pimpin' lifestyle of cheapness.  I can't pay $400 to have the master switch replaced just so my window will roll back up after I roll it down.  So instead, I risk having a cavity search or making them very alarmed if I just open my car door with no apparent reason and getting shot on sight.

Every aspect of this trip, except for the slight wait at the Canada-to-US border crossing, I got no questions, no delays, every flight left on time and arrived EARLY, wasn't crowded, I got picked up everywhere I needed to get picked up and dropped off wherever I needed to get dropped off.  It was semi-miraculous, actually.  I have never had travel go so completely smoothly.  God wanted me to go where I went.  Also, so did your mom.  She did.  She told me.

I'll be leaving Victoria on Wednesday.  You know, it's interesting to me that, although I have the joy of traveling, seeing new people everywhere I land, and visiting those I love...what that means from the other side is that I'm always leaving someone.  If I could travel like a huge katamari, just gathering up everyone I love and letting them stick to me and come with me as I move along, I would be pretty happy.  But they all have these things called "lives" which interfere with this, I think, ingenius plan.  Everyone should all just become self-employed.  And sell their houses.  And come with me.

I miss you.


MaggieMayDay said...

Aaaaaaw, screw you too. Screw you is the new fuck you, I love you, isn't it?

Mom told you? Really? And here I didn't think she'd ever been to Canada. Especially since she's a box of ashes on Dad's mantel now. A very nice, over-priced maple burl box of ashes.

Purple Rose Tearoom said...

Actually, that self-employment thing really means you cannot take a vacation more than 12 hours long, otherwise lots of people panic, and your life after the vacation is oh so much worse than it was before....