Thursday, July 17, 2008

The trials of late night

I have the kind of convoluted problem that requires additional brains:

I will be driving from Pittsburgh, PA to Indianapolis, IN around July 22/23.  I have to be in Indianapolis by 6 pm.  At 1 am on July 23 (in the middle of the night), I have to pick up Justin at the Columbus airport.

The A/C stopped working on my car and since it's an old R12 system, will be prohibitively expensive for me to fix.  Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for me to just drive with the windows open, or drive at night.

Since the one person I know in Columbus is not answering her calls at the moment, we don't have a place to stay there, Justin hates camping, and neither of us can afford a hotel.  No couchsurfers are calling us back, and I'd hate to impose a "1 am sudden visitor" expectation on anyone.  There are no other flights into Columbus. I'm thinking I might sleep all day on the 22nd and then pick Justin up, make him sleep in the car, and finish the drive to Indianapolis that night before it gets super hot, then hang around getting exhausted in Indianapolis.

My other options as I see 'em are to try and a) find a couchsurfer who doesn't mind another person showing up in the middle of the night (and will answer my requests for help) and suffer the heat of the drive, or b) try to make justin change his flight to indianapolis and drive all night without him.

Help!  Need more brains!  And not in a zombie way!


Tess said...

In my couchsurf experience no one has seemed to mind late arrivals! Everyone is super chill :) Good luck!!!

Purple Rose Tearoom said...

I would drive all night. Mostly because the scenery along that route is stultifyingly boring and actually looks better in the dark. Plus, with fewer cars on the road, the traffic shouldn't be too bad, even if you run into construction.

erin said...

I've slept in rest areas before. Though not with the windows open. On the other hand, I didn't have a man around either.

You could pick up Justin, take a couple hour nap whenever you get sleepy, and then go hang out in a coffee shop all day (whee!) until you get a place to sleep in Indianapolis.

Pittsburgh to Indy is oppressive. The road just keeps going and going. And it's straight. I would not be up for driving that all night myself.