Saturday, June 21, 2008

The world gets smaller and smaller

Want to see something amazing?

Go check out the Alianit Festival broadcasting live from Iqaluit, in the Arctic, on -- streaming video.  Dude, we can watch a festival that is happening in what is essentially the North Pole, see the glaring, neverending sun through the cracks of the tent it's broadcasting from, as it happens.

Tomorrow night from 7-9 pm, they'll be broadcasting circus performers from all around the world.

This is the kind of thing that, if you saw it showing on the Disney channel, you'd shrug and think, "Kinda cool.  Aren't those the people who wear sunglasses with slits in them?"

But this is an independent group of mostly Inuit, who are powering and creating this website, using brand new technology to connect the rest of the world to a place most of us will never, ever see.

If you've ever wanted to see the tundra, now's your chance.

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